Wicked Waltz is proud to announce the release of our NEW album PERSEVERANCE, featuring Casey Grillo of Kamelot!!!!!!!  AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!
We would like to thank Casey Grillo ever so much for working with us on this album!!!!  You can get your copy below with paypal!!!  We are also proud to announce that we are now digital!!!  You can go to cdbaby.com and not only buy the album but also download it or singles!!!!!  Whichever you like!!!!! We have samples for all the songs up, so you can listen a little before you buy!!!!!   We hope that all of you will truly love it!!!!

Check out all the samples here at CDBaby!!!!!!
Wicked Waltz: Perseverance

Jason Rushing -- Vocals

Micah Nicholson -- Rhythm/Lead guitars

Jeff Quiggle -- Keyboards

Jamie Summersell -- Lead guitars

Mike Wyatt -- Bass

Casey Grillo -- Special Guest Drummer

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